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The Beat Goes On

I know it has been a very long time since I posted to my blog. My mind is like a sieve these days.  Between teaching and trying to write and trying to remain up to speed on social media, I have neglected this small part of my world.  Well, I have been writing, quietly and not with a lot of fanfare. I’m cool with that.  Since my last post, MURDER IN THE AISLES  was released (under my pen name Olivia Hill). I finished another Lawson’s novel MY LOVE AT LAST (July 2016), a novella “A Gift of Love” that will be released this holiday season, and I’m currently working on two single title novels… (that’s a neat trick).  I hope to see them both on the shelves in 2017.

And I’m trying to find time for me. Time to think and have some space.  It is not always easy. There always seems to be something to do, someone who needs or wants something. But that’s cool, too.

So, if it seems as if I have “disappeared,” I haven’t. Not really.  I’m simply looking for a quiet corner.  The beat goes on . ..

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