From the Desk

Brooklyn, NY–We live in troubling times. The norms of society have been upended. Facts and truth are under assault and those who attempt to keep us rooted in realty are branded enemies of the people, with the information that they unearth deemed as “fake news.” However, the voices of society will never truly be silenced. There will always be those who challenge, question, speak out and write about the issues that effect us all.  Hence, the birth of Medgar Voices.

The students of Medgar Evers College are a reflection of the larger society. As such they have come together to  address the myriad  injustices that impact the communities in which they live, and the effects of these injustices on people of color in particular. These emerging voices are rich and authentic touching on topics such as homelessness, gentrification, the  LGBTQ community, immigration, and police brutality.

These purveyors of truth do not offer answers or easy solutions, but rather a window into the world in which we reside and a challenge to the reader to do better when they know better.