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Donna Hill began her career in 1987 writing short stories for the confession magazines. Since that time she has more than100 published titles to her credit since her first novel was released in 1990, and is considered one of the early pioneers of the African American romIMG_1280ance genre.  Three of her novels Intimate Betrayal, Masquerade and A Private Affair have been adapted for television. The only Arabesque /BET Books author that can claim that distinction. She has been featured in Essence, the New York Daily News, USA Today, Today’s Black Woman, and Black Enterprise among many others. She has appeared on numerous radio and television stations across the country and her work has appeared on several bestseller lists. She has received numerous awards for her body of work—which cross several genres– including The Career Achievement Award, the first recipient of The Trailblazer Award, The Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award, The Gold Pen Award among others, as well as commendations for her community service, during her tenure as Coordinator for Kianga House—a transitional residence for homeless teen mothers and their children. Donna co-wrote the screenplay Fire, which enjoyed limited theater release before going to DVD.

As an editor she has packaged several highly successful novels, and anthologies, two of which were nominated for awards.  She began her ‘teaching” career as  a writing instructor at The Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in New York in the early 90s. Several of her students have gone on to publish novels.  Donna also served as a writing instructor with the Elders Writing Program sponsored by Medgar Evers College through Poets & Writers, and successfully worked to compile and publish the memoirs of the elders.  While Donna may not be recognized on national bestsellers lists, she has maintained a solid  30-year writing career, supported by her devoted fans, which she celebrated in June 2020 in commemoration of the release of her first novel Rooms of the Heart.

Donna holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, and is in pursuit of her D.A. degree from Murray State University in English Pedagogy and Technology. She is an Assistant Professor of Professional Writing at Medgar Evers College, and former Adjunct Instructor at Baruch College, Essex County College and the College of New Rochelle. Donna currently lives in Brooklyn with her family.

4 thoughts on “About Donna”

  1. Donna,
    This is Vince Murphy, and you may recall that we were co-featured authors (along with Okey Ndibe) at the Soul Passages Book Club event on May 17 in Middletown. At the event I purchased “What Mother Never Told Me”; I just finished it, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had to leave the event early, so I couldn’t get your autograph and I missed the back half your presentation. Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.


    Vince (aka “V. A. Murphy”)

  2. Ms. Hill
    I am a bookworm!! Well I love the city wide book sale that our library system does annually. I walked away with 19 reads this time and your was one of them. [ A House Divided] I thumbed through and tossed it in my bag. I cracked it open last week and I am blown away!! How have I not heard of you? Well I plan to keep up with your work from now on. My fellow bookworms need to know what a treasure I found. I plan to pass this read on to my mom who shares my love for reading.

    April Francis

  3. Dear Ms. Hill
    I liked your book A House Divided. Curious to know if there will be a second book about Zoie, Jackson Lena and the baby. When will the book Cold Flash be out, saw excerpt in back of A House Divided book. Think I have title correct, tried to find it but could not.

    Thank You

  4. Hi, Glad you liked A House Divided. The sequel is The Other Sister. I hope you will enjoy this as well. I am not the author of Cold Flash. It was an announcement for another author’s upcoming work. Happy reading.

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