Donna’s Books

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Primetime Passion

prize of a lifetime

Prize of a Lifetime (Book Two) (2009)

Sag Harbor Village

Touch Me Now         For You I Will

Touch Me Now (Book One) (2012)           For You I Will (Book Two) (2013)

 Lawsons Of Louisiana

Spend My Life With You     Secret Attraction     Sultry Nights     Everything Is You

Spend My Life with You (Book One) (2011)

Secret Attraction (Book Two) (2011)

Sultry Nights (Book Three) (2012)

Everything Is You (Book Four) (2012)



Rooms of the Heart     Indiscretions     Scandalous     Deception

Rooms of the Heart (1990)

Indiscretions (1991)

Scandalous (1995)

Deception (1996)

Temptation     Intimate Betrayal     Private Affair     Quiet Storm

Temptation (1994)

Intimate Betrayal (1997)

A Private Affair (1998)

Quiet Storm (1998)

Charade     Chances Are     Pieces of Dreams     Soul to Soul

Charade (1998)

Chances Are (1998)

Pieces of Dreams (1999)

Soul to Soul (2000)

If I Could     A Scandalous Affair     Through the Fire     Rhythms

If I Could (2000)

A Scandalous Affair (2000)

Through the Fire (2001)

Rhythms (2001)

An Ordinary Woman     In My Bedroom     Divas Inc     Say Yes

An Ordinary Woman (2002)

In My Bedroom (2004)

Divas, Inc (2004)

Say Yes (2004)

Dare to Dream     Getting Hers     Interlude     Long Distance Lover

Dare to Dream (2004)

Getting Hers (2005)

Interlude (2006)

Long Distance Lover (2006)

Love Becomes Her     Guilty Pleasures     Saving All My Lovin     If I Were Your Woman

Love Becomes Her (2006)

Guilty Pleasures (2006)

Saving All My Lovin’ (2006)

If I Were Your Woman (2007)

After Dark     Moments Like This     Wicked Ways     Sex and Lies

After Dark (2007)

Moments Like This (2007)

Wicked Ways (2007)

Sex and Lies (2008)

Seduction and Lies     Temptation and Lies     What Mother Never Told Me     Lounging and Lies

Seduction and Lies (2008)

Temptation and Lies (2009)

What Mother Never Told Me (2010)

Longing and Lies (2010)

Hearts Reward     Private Lessons     Secret Attraction     Legacy of Love

Heart’s Reward (2010)

Private Lessons (2010)

Secret Attraction (2011)

Legacy of Love (2011)

Dangerous Intentions     Double the Pleasure     For You I Will     Mistletoe Baby

Dangerous Intentions (2012)

Double the Pleasure (2012)

For You I Will (2013)

Mistletoe, Baby (2013)

                                   Tender Loving Desire     Endless Summer Nights     Tender Loving Passion

Tender Loving Desire (2012)

Endless Summer Nights (2014)

Tender Loving Passion (2014)



Spirit of the Season     Love Letters     Winter Nights     Rosies Curl and Weave

Spirit of the Season (1994) (with Francis Ray and Margie Walker)

Love Letters (1997) (with Rochelle Alers and Janice Sims)

Winter Nights (1998) (with Shirley Hailstock and Francis Ray)

Rosie’s Curl and Weave (1999) (with Rochelle Alers, Felicia Mason and Francis Ray)

Dellas House of Style     Midnight Clear     Going to the Chapel     Tis the Season

Della’s House of Style (2000) (with Rochelle Alers, Felicia Mason and Francis Ray)

Midnight Clear (2000) (with Leslie Esdaile, Gwynne Forster, Carmen Green and Monica Jackson)

Going to the Chapel (2001) (with Rochelle Alers, Gwynne Forster and Francis Ray)

‘Tis the Season (2001) (with Rochelle Alers and Candice Poarch)

Sister Sister     Rockin Around That Christmas Tree     Courageous Hearts     Deztiny's Daughters

Sister, Sister (2001) (with Carmen Green and Janice Sims)

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (2004) (with Francis Ray)

Courageous Hearts (2005)

Destiny’s Daughters (2006) (with Parry Brown and Gwynne Forster)

Takin Chances for the Holiday     Creepin     More Than Words     Heat Wave

Takin’ Chances for the Holidays (2006) (with Adrianne Byrd and Monica Jackson)

Creepin’ (2007) (with L A Banks, Monica Jackson, J M Jeffries and Janice Sims)

More Than Words Vol 7 (2011) (with Carly Phillips and Jill Shalvis)

Heat Wave (2011) (with Niobia Bryant and Zuri Day)

                                                                          Holiday Fantasy     The One That I Want

Holiday Fantasy (2011) (with Adrianne Byrd and Kayla Perrin)

The One That I Want (2014) (with Zuri Day and Cheris Hodges)



Welcome to Leos     Living Large     A Whole Lotta Love     Where There's A Will

Welcome to Leo’s (2000) (with Rochelle Alers, Brenda Jackson and Francis Ray)

Living Large (2003) (with Rochelle Alers, Brenda Jackson and Francis Ray)

A Whole Lotta Love (2004) (with Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson and Francis Ray)

Where There’s a Will (2004) (with Bridget Anderson, Shirley Hailstock, Shelby Lewis and Margie Walker)

Dark Thirst     Let's Get It On     Big Girls Don't Cry     After Midnight

Dark Thirst (2004) (with Linda Addison, Kevin S Brockenbrough, The Urban Griot and Monica Jackson)

Let’s Get It On (2004) (with Rochelle Alers, Brenda Jackson and Francis Ray)

Big Girls Don’t Cry (2005) (with Brenda Jackson and Monica Jackson)

After Midnight (2011)


Anthologies Edited

                                       On The Line     Midnight Clear     Midnight Clear Too

On The Line (2008)

After the Vows

Indecent Exposure

Midnight Clear