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17 thoughts on “What’s New & Coming Soon”

  1. Would like to know do you have any more books coming out about the ladies of TLC series? And what are the title of the ones ,that already been released? I have Tender Loving Passion I thank you. So much for taking the time answering my question.

  2. Hi
    I have not done Rafe’s story yet. There are two more coming and writing his now. One will be release in October the next early spring and then Rafe. Hope you can hang on a while longer!


  3. I love your books. I can’t wait for the release of Rafe’s story. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Donna
    How you been keeping? Just waiting patiently for your new releases. I recently introduced a few of my friends to your books and they love them!

    Helen Berkeley

  5. I just finished MURDER IN THE AISLES. Loved it! Felicia Swift is the ‘bomb dignity’! Can’t wait to read Book 2. This novel was so entertaining and sexy . Thank you for stepping out of the box and expanding your talent!

  6. I’m currently reading For the Love of you and I was wondering will you be writing a book for Alyse and Myles?

  7. Thanks for answering my question. I hope you decide to write more about Lawson’s in the future.

  8. Ms. Hill,
    Is there a story in the works to tell Montgomery (Monty) Grant’s story. If there is, please let me know so I can definitely be on the look out. I’m sure it’s going to be just as enjoyable as Franklin and Alonzo’s story.

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