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What Am I Saying?

I can’t tell you how often I think, “have I run out of things to say?”  I guess the wider question is “have I run out of things to say that people would be interested in?” Tough question. I have no answer.  As a writer, at least for me, I am always questioning my value, my skills, my worthiness. Sometimes I think that this whole 25 year journey is all a big mistake.  But then I will hear from a reader or get invited to an event and I remember that I still have stuff to say matters.  For all the readers out there that remind  me…. thank you.

4 thoughts on “What Am I Saying?”

  1. The movies Intimate Betrayal and Private Affair..why did they stray so far from the storyline of the books?

  2. Hi Ms greetings from the Islands of Trinidad &Tobago (yes you have fans here). Congratulations on celebrating 25 years in writing. Did you ever did a story on Rade Lawson?
    Keep up the excellent works you are one of the best!

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